Sunday was a ton of funner (we believe funner should be a real word)! The Smail family hosted the morning breakfast serving up delicious bagels, yogurt and coffee. Others gathered in the prayer room to participate in God's call to see His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Chad and team led us in worship through song. Ron gave a recap of his trip to South Korea. Catherine brought a clarifying and mobilizing message from Revelation 2:1-7. You can listen to the sermon here. She extended Jesus' invitation to remember the love we had at first for Christ, to repent of how far we've fallen, and to do again the things we did when we were first in love with Jesus. We hope this week and the weeks to come will be a thrill as [...]

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The kids are on the Island and yesterday was my day off so Burg and I headed out into the back forty to explore. Scrambling through brush, over and under logs, trying to avoid devils club. It was hot, even under towering trees. We both arrived at Hayward Lake beat. I jumped into the lake and drank a few gallons while Burg opted for a more conservative approach. Chris and the team from Mexico returned on Wednesday. We had lunch with fellow summer intern, Jesse, to celebrate the end of their nine weeks of full-time employment. Jesse doesn't get out much so he had some troubles with his wardrobe. Both guys worked hard and grew in their calling to serve in ministry leadership. While both return to Pacific Life Bible College this fall, they will continue to serve in our youth [...]

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After seven years of failed attempts, Pastor Clint took home the "Golden Crock-Pot" at Sunday's Seventh Annual Chili Cook-off. "I'd like to thank my mom for setting a high culinary bar, my kids for their criticism of sub-par meals, and the parishioners of Parkside for their gift of discernment." Clint stated on his facebook account. 17 chili's battled it out for supremacy. All were delicious which meant the judges had their work cut out for them. Thank you to the contestants. Thank you to Intern, Jesse Tulman, and his team of hard working servants for putting on the event. Thank you to Maureen and Merna for baking corn bread. Thank you to Brittney for creating the Mexican decor theme. Next Sunday, August 21st, is our last Summer Sunday and it's your chance to get in another water fight. We're also [...]

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Revelation 1:1-8 ESV / Clint introduces the beauty, power and life of the Revelation of Jesus Christ as recorded by John. He notes that Christians live differently because they see differently. Related Resources: "Discipleship on the Edge" by Darrell W. Johnson "Reversed Thunder" by Eugene H. Peterson "America's Lost Boys" by Samuel D. James (First Things posting) "The Story of Iran's Church in Two Sentences" by Mark Howard (TGC article)

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Last Sunday following our Sunday service a number of families gathered at Centennial Park in Mission to picnic and throw the friz. Young and old brought their lunches: everything from watermelon salad to KFC. Lots of good conversations and laughter were had by all. Those who weren't in to disc golf stayed back to chat some more. Competition was fierce as some tags (from the Fraser Valley Disc Golf Club) were on the line - as were some sweet prizes and the world's worst trophy. Kid's took home candy and freezies. Adults took home gift cards, many steps on their fitbits, and some freezies too! Thank you to Chris Kim and Jesse Tulman for planning another awesome Summer Sunday. Thank you for a bunch of our youth and young adults for helping out. Thank you to the City of [...]

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