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Parkside's first ever Race for Amazing Charities contained so much good! 12 teams of 2-4 members entered the competition which took them all over town. From jelly belly tasting quizzes to kayaking across Hayward every contestant had a blast. Some threw up when it came time to drink 1L of Perrier. Some found new levels of frustration shooting marshmallow guns. Others simply got lost. The good news was that every team made it back to a delicious taco bar and we raised over $2,000 for the New Beginnings Women's Association (a ministry in Mexico that helps single moms get back on their feet). A bunch of hard working volunteers helped behind the scenes with set-up, hosting stations, and other details. A huge thank you to Maureen, Jessica, and Lynda for planning and organizing this event. Everyone had smiles and is [...]

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"A study has just been published showing that ten congregations in Toronto contributed a total of $45 million of economic value to the city based on a combined budget of only $10 million. In simple terms, the dollar value of having a church in a community is about 4.5 times its annual budget. The difference is called the “halo effect”, which is due to the church’s contributions to social capital and infrastructure, its programs for individual impact and community development, and other activities which add value."* Read the rest of the article here:   *An excerpt from "Economic Value of a Church" by Philip Milley. Jul. 15, 2016.

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The way of Christ is to be a people that love to be generous - that love to support the local church - and give with no strings or ego attached. A people that give their first and best to God. Easy to say, hard to do! We're grateful to the  men and women who exercise their faith in the area of arranging their finances to support Parkside. If you've found that giving is either easily forgotten or inconsistent, we have a number of ways to remedy your situation. ONLINE GIVING (PushPay) You can give online right now with Visa or Mastercard (one time or set-up monthly, weekly, etc.) by using the PushPay page: PRE-AUTHORIZED DEBIT From the church office or download here, get a Pre-Authorized Debit form, complete it, and attach a void cheque to set-up monthly or bi-weekly giving from your chequing account (you [...]

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Over the next month or two, Valley Christian School (VCS) will relocate their high school classes to Parkside while they wrap up the installation of four modular classrooms on their campus. School starts on Tuesday, September 6th so don't be surprised to see a bunch of students around the building during school hours. VCS is grateful to the Parkside family for opening our doors and we're happy to host. Rental revenue will be directed to offset increased janitorial, utilities, and general operations. In case this feels like deja vu, Parkside was home to VCS a couple years ago during their first construction project on their new campus. Please pray for students and teachers as they had back for another year of learning and growing in the knowledge of all that God has created and knowledge of God.

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Sunday was a ton of funner (we believe funner should be a real word)! The Smail family hosted the morning breakfast serving up delicious bagels, yogurt and coffee. Others gathered in the prayer room to participate in God's call to see His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Chad and team led us in worship through song. Ron gave a recap of his trip to South Korea. Catherine brought a clarifying and mobilizing message from Revelation 2:1-7. You can listen to the sermon here. She extended Jesus' invitation to remember the love we had at first for Christ, to repent of how far we've fallen, and to do again the things we did when we were first in love with Jesus. We hope this week and the weeks to come will be a thrill as [...]

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After seven years of failed attempts, Pastor Clint took home the "Golden Crock-Pot" at Sunday's Seventh Annual Chili Cook-off. "I'd like to thank my mom for setting a high culinary bar, my kids for their criticism of sub-par meals, and the parishioners of Parkside for their gift of discernment." Clint stated on his facebook account. 17 chili's battled it out for supremacy. All were delicious which meant the judges had their work cut out for them. Thank you to the contestants. Thank you to Intern, Jesse Tulman, and his team of hard working servants for putting on the event. Thank you to Maureen and Merna for baking corn bread. Thank you to Brittney for creating the Mexican decor theme. Next Sunday, August 21st, is our last Summer Sunday and it's your chance to get in another water fight. We're also [...]

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