The end of September might sound like a long way off, but it will be here before you know it! And with it, will be Freedom Session -  a 20 week, intensive healing-discipleship journey that uncovers the roots of pain in our lives and invites Jesus Christ to heal those areas of our hearts. Freedom Session deals with real issues…pornography, broken marriages, sexual woundedness and abuse, depression, anger, fear and addiction. Beneath these symptoms, you will find a wounded and empty heart, looking for hope and meaning. As Jesus begins to heal the heart, the unhealthy and destructive ways we used to escape the pain in our lives become less and less attractive. Shame loses its grip on our lives and the lies that controlled us are replaced by God’s truth. More details (i.e. [...]

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Confession is scary. For both parties. No one wants to confess their sin, but when done well, it leads to deeper trust and love. In the first Parkside Roundtable, Clint sits down with Tom & Sharlene Brooks to start a conversation on what confession in marriage looks like. Tom is a counselor. Sharlene is a cop. They’ve been through the ups and downs of marriage and have learned a few things along the way that will be a help to every listener. We’re praying that the fruit of this recording would be healthier marriages and homes. Would you join us in praying for those that listen and for our own hearts, that we would have the courage to live in the light and experience the beauty of living life in light of the cross.

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Over the next few months we are testing out an additional component to our Sunday morning gathering/service called, “Family Time.” Before we dismiss kids to their classes, we are going to spend a few minutes hearing from one or two folks from our church who have something to share with our church family. It could be a verse, a song, a big prayer request, a word of encouragement, or something God is doing or has recently done in their life. There are some rules: 1) The motive for sharing and the content must be God-glorifying and family building; 2) We will want to include our kids in this time as much as possible, so consider them in the wording; 3) Most times, folks will be asked to keep their sharing to under five minutes and have an outline [...]

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A number of students collected, sorted and redeemed $280 worth of bottles for their missions trip to Mexico. This summer, a number of students and leaders will join with other churches and head down to Foundation For His Ministry orphanage to serve and share the love of Jesus. Please be in prayer for them as they prepare and save. If you'd like to help out at the next fundraiser, contact Chris Kim (

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Happy New Year! It's -3 outside, but warm in our building and filled with VCS high schoolers back from Christmas break. I have the man-cold, but would rather be working than laying around. Thank you to the wonderful people who served our community on Christmas Day. Ron R. & Vaughan W. ministered to seniors at TRIM. A number of folks served Christmas dinner to our city's loneliest with Hope Central and many other volunteers. Thank you! This Sunday at church there will be a sign-up sheet for a "Games & Appetizer" night. It will be one of those "guess who's coming over" events. The games night will be on Saturday, January 21st. More details and online registration available at Thank you to Catherine D., Tony & Alison O., and Isaac & Brittney D., for hosting and leading our [...]

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A bunch of generous people came out to yesterday's "Pack the Box!" event. Kids and adults organized, sorted and packed 67 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. Thank you for your generosity, Parkside! The boxes were packed with quality gifts and donated postage received from across our whole church family. There are still more boxes to come in from individuals in our church who are packing one or more boxes on their own. The boxes will make their way to children in parts of our world that don't have access to the many things we take for granted. They are a symbol of our love and prayers for them. They are an illustration of the free gift of salvation through the present of Jesus. Please join with us in prayer that many children, families and generations might feel loved by God [...]

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Parents of mini-bears through grade three! Please play and download these two songs for your kids so they are able to memorize the words and melody. Sing along and encourage your kids. Download "The Lion's Roar" MP3 file (right-click, save as...) Download "This Little Light of Mine" MP3 file (right-click, save as...)

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Parkside's first ever Race for Amazing Charities contained so much good! 12 teams of 2-4 members entered the competition which took them all over town. From jelly belly tasting quizzes to kayaking across Hayward every contestant had a blast. Some threw up when it came time to drink 1L of Perrier. Some found new levels of frustration shooting marshmallow guns. Others simply got lost. The good news was that every team made it back to a delicious taco bar and we raised over $2,000 for the New Beginnings Women's Association (a ministry in Mexico that helps single moms get back on their feet). A bunch of hard working volunteers helped behind the scenes with set-up, hosting stations, and other details. A huge thank you to Maureen, Jessica, and Lynda for planning and organizing this event. Everyone had smiles and is [...]

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