On Sunday, December 30, 2018, Parkside Church ordained Renee Pringle to serve the church and city as Associate Pastor of Community Formation. Pastor Renee has been called to serve part-time in three areas: 1) Assisting Diane Kim in leading our Children's Ministry; 2) strengthening the existing community of Parkside through events and programs; and 3) helping visitors find their way into the Parkside family. Renee is a wife and mother of two. She graduated from Pacific Life Bible College with a BA in Pastoral Leadership. Renee is gifted in leadership, team building, discernment, event organization, hospitality and loves to empower others. Please keep her and family in your prayers. (You can listen to her ordination above.)

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Text: 1 Cor. 3-4 Date: June 4, 2017 Speaker: Clint Nelson God gives the world leaders (pastors, parents, politicians, peers, etc.) – their leadership can be a barrier or boost to the cross. God calls everyone to be a leader of some sort – what kind of leader are you? Regardless of our lot, we will each answer to God for what we did with the cross, not how others handled the cross.

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