Parents of mini-bears through grade three! Please play and download these two songs for your kids so they are able to memorize the words and melody. Sing along and encourage your kids. Download "The Lion's Roar" MP3 file (right-click, save as...) Download "This Little Light of Mine" MP3 file (right-click, save as...)

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Here are some parenting hacks I've found helpful and in an effort to "raise all boats" I pass them on to you. They aren't for everyone, but they help me. I do better as a parent (emotionally and practically) when my life is organized and things are written down. Having a schedule or list relieves stress and keeps life going at a sustainable pace. I get that for others, schedules and lists only adds stress. So this is only for people, like me, that thrive in formal organization. Plan Spontaneity I've written about this before in my old blog spot, but it bears repeating and I'm still learning how to do this well. Be liberal when it comes to estimating the time a task takes. Schedule your life with margins. I used to have my life scheduled in [...]

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Rev. 4 / When one pulls back the curtain on the natural world and sees God in the heavenly realm they are forever changed. Some Christians are afraid to pull back the curtain for fear that there will be no god or a very weak god. John saw and heard God behind the curtain. What did he see and how does can it change our lives today?

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