Date: January 29, 2017 Text: Rev. 19:1-10 Speaker: Clint Nelson Heaven is worth the wait, but there is also worth in the waiting! Rev. 19:1-10 displays Heaven’s celebration at the fall of Babylon and the marriage supper of the Lamb. See how knowledge of these future events elevate and encourage those living in the Babylon of today.

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It's something that I don't talk enough about in our gatherings probably because it's not that much fun. Add in a cultural disdain for organized religion and things like "org charts" and denominational news are often met with glazed over eyes and/or a skeptical heart. And yet, it's all Biblical and critical to who we are and what what we are called to do. Just as our skeleton is critical to the healthy function of our bodies, so too is organism organization. For a church is more like an organism than an organization, but even organisms require design and structure to function. Our church is a living body in submission to the mind and heart of Jesus. He directs us by His Word and animates us by His Spirit. And He calls us to an organized purpose. He calls leaders to [...]

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