The kids are on the Island and yesterday was my day off so Burg and I headed out into the back forty to explore. Scrambling through brush, over and under logs, trying to avoid devils club. It was hot, even under towering trees. We both arrived at Hayward Lake beat. I jumped into the lake and drank a few gallons while Burg opted for a more conservative approach.

August 2016 Parkside-3

Chris and the team from Mexico returned on Wednesday. We had lunch with fellow summer intern, Jesse, to celebrate the end of their nine weeks of full-time employment. Jesse doesn’t get out much so he had some troubles with his wardrobe. Both guys worked hard and grew in their calling to serve in ministry leadership. While both return to Pacific Life Bible College this fall, they will continue to serve in our youth ministry.

August 2016 Parkside-1

On Tuesday we moved our refugee family to their new home. For the last five months they’ve been living with a member of the community in a shared accommodation. Now they get to spread their wings and settle into their own home. The rental market in Mission is a bit nuts right now so we are grateful to have secured a home. Lots of generous and sweaty people came out to help them move on Tuesday. It went quickly and was actually a lot of fun.

This Sunday we will hear about Ron’s trip to South Korea, dive into Revelation, worship our living Lord, splash others with water, and enjoy some hamburgers. It’s our last Summer Sunday so come on out.