We live to give! A Christian worldview sees the material things of this world as merely tools to build both ours and our neighbour’s love for God. The Bible instructs us to be wise and generous managers of the material for we will all give an account for how we “spent” our life. Jesus knew that it is in our nature to protect and insure our own self-interest, but modelled what it means to deny ourselves. He gave His very life that His kindness might warm our cold hearts.

Today, as His followers, we continue His ministry of warming cold hearts. Through our acts of kindness and generosity, the goodness of God is experienced in us and others. Because when we give, we (and others) actually get a small taste of what He went through for us.

  • Giving brings everyone closer to God – we fall more in love with Him.
  • Giving helps everyone believe that God is good.
  • Giving helps everyone believe that God doesn’t hold a grudge.
  • Giving shows that God doesn’t expect us to have it altogether and only then will He will accept us.
  • Giving helps everyone believe that His grace is available and sufficient.
  • Giving gives our world a taste of Heaven.
  • Giving humbles everyone – in a good way.
  • Giving is good and fun – who doesn’t want to be a part of that!?

Our church has established a benevolence fund where monies received are used for helping others (those in our city – both inside and outside the Parkside family). All donations are tax-deductible for income tax purposes. Our church Council distributes, at their discretion and after careful vetting, the funds throughout the year. Past uses have included:

  • Supporting low-income single families (many times helping avoid homelessness).
  • Supporting low-income seniors.
  • Financial and/or life coaching/counselling.
  • Supporting formal programs like “Hope Central” or “Mission Youth House”.

Please put your life to work in the blessing of others. You can give online at or at the church office (604-820-0718). Thank you!