Parkside is a micro campus of Pacific Life Bible College ( and is currently offering a Bible college course each semester at Parkside.

UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE (Lectures by Derek Geerlof)

13 weeks starting Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 7:00-9:00pm

BIB 190 – MC (3 credits): This course introduces the tools and methods for Bible research, teaching students to draw from Scripture in order to minister to others. The student will gain specific principles, methodical guidelines, and skills training for study and interpretation of the Bible.

Each course is a video lecture with class discussion throughout the night. You can audit the course ($50) plus textbook (optional) or take it for credit ($350) plus textbook. To take the course for credit, you must meet Pacific Life Bible College (PLBC) admission requirements and apply for admission to PLBC as a micro campus student (go to, click ‘apply, then begin the process under option “M. Micro Campus”). You must also successfully complete coursework on time (submitted online and graded by PLBC faculty) and attend a minimum of 75% of the course sessions.

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