We're in the process of becoming a micro campus of Pacific Life Bible College (www.pacificlife.edu) and will start with offering a Bible college course each semester at Parkside. SURVEY OF CHRISTIAN BELIEFS (Lectures by Dr. Ken Deeks) 12 weeks starting Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 7:00-9:00pm THS 101 - MC (3 credits): This course introduces students to the basic concept of world views and the importance of understanding a Christian worldview. It covers the basic Christian beliefs that form the basis of a Christian view of the world are then surveyed according to standard theological categories. Each course is a video lecture with class discussion throughout the night. You can audit the course ($50) plus textbook (optional) or take it for credit ($350) plus textbook. To take the course for credit, you must meet Pacific Life Bible College (PLBC) [...]

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Purpose: to partner with God in discipling emerging church leaders through development of character, knowledge and skill. Schedule: Weekly Bible College Class (TBD): Example: Wednesday’s 6-9pm Weekly Abide & Character Lessons: Example:  Friday’s at 7:00am Mentor Meeting: Subject to mentor’s availability. Devo’s, Exercise and Homework: On your own time/schedule Mentoring: Pre-approved mentor (i.e. pastor, Elder, mature Christian leader) of the same gender. Bible College Classes: Participate in a 12 week video lecture mixed with class discussion. Reading and homework assignments (3 hours/week extra) required for credit students. Credit students must comply with academic and student poli Fall 2019 Course: Survey of Christian Beliefs. Spring 2020 Course: Understanding the Bible. Parkside Leadership Classes: Before and after the 12 weeks of a Bible college class, interns will meet with Parkside pastors for orientation, debriefing, extra topics of study, and some [...]

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