“A study has just been published showing that ten congregations in Toronto contributed a total of $45 million of economic value to the city based on a combined budget of only $10 million. In simple terms, the dollar value of having a church in a community is about 4.5 times its annual budget. The difference is called the “halo effect”, which is due to the church’s contributions to social capital and infrastructure, its programs for individual impact and community development, and other activities which add value.”*

Read the rest of the article here: https://www.cccc.org/news_blogs/noteworthy/2016/07/15/economic-value-of-a-church/


*An excerpt from “Economic Value of a Church” by Philip Milley. Jul. 15, 2016. https://www.cccc.org/news_blogs/noteworthy/2016/07/15/economic-value-of-a-church/