Over the next few months we are testing out an additional component to our Sunday morning gathering/service called, “Family Time.”

Before we dismiss kids to their classes, we are going to spend a few minutes hearing from one or two folks from our church who have something to share with our church family. It could be a verse, a song, a big prayer request, a word of encouragement, or something God is doing or has recently done in their life.

There are some rules: 1) The motive for sharing and the content must be God-glorifying and family building; 2) We will want to include our kids in this time as much as possible, so consider them in the wording; 3) Most times, folks will be asked to keep their sharing to under five minutes and have an outline for what they are to share; 4) Requests to share must be made in advance by Thursday at 4:00pm to be considered for the upcoming Sunday; 5) Requests to share may be scheduled for a later date; 6) Folks sharing will need to be regular attenders of Parkside for at least six months; 7) Requests to share should be made via email (share@parksidechurch.ca). If you don’t have email, please call the office; 8) Requests will go to our Elders for consideration; 9) These rules are subject to change!

Email us at share@parksidechurch.ca to let us know you have something to encourage/build our faith!