The way of Christ is to be a people that love to be generous – that love to support the local church – and give with no strings or ego attached. A people that give their first and best to God. Easy to say, hard to do!

We’re grateful to the  men and women who exercise their faith in the area of arranging their finances to support Parkside. If you’ve found that giving is either easily forgotten or inconsistent, we have a number of ways to remedy your situation.

You can give online right now with Visa or Mastercard (one time or set-up monthly, weekly, etc.) by using the PushPay page:

From the church office or download here, get a Pre-Authorized Debit form, complete it, and attach a void cheque to set-up monthly or bi-weekly giving from your chequing account (you can choose the day of the month funds are given). Submit the form and cheque to the church office or via email to

The “old” ways still exist: cash or cheque in our weekly offering and/or debit at the Interac terminal located on the lobby counter next to the office. To receive a tax-receipt all gifts must be in a completed Parkside donation envelope.

Why care about a tax-receipt?
We consider this good stewardship. Our government recognizes the importance of giving to churches. In BC, you receive a tax credit of 20.06% on the first $200 you give. Everything above the first $200, receives a tax credit of 43.7%. So, on a $1000 donation, you will receive a tax credit of $389.72. Charitable donations earn you a higher tax credit than other contributions (like RRSPs, expenses, etc). After the first $200, you are earning a tax credit in the highest tax bracket, while the other expenses earn you a tax credit/deduction based on your current marginal tax bracket, which could be considerably lower than 43.7%.

We don’t give for a tax break, we give because we’ve been blessed and we give in a way that makes His money go further.