Date: July 16, 2017
Text: 1 Cor. 6:9-11
Speaker: Clint Nelson

The Bible tells us that no one is born straight, yet through faith in Christ, we can let go of our broken lives in exchange for His righteousness.  To add to our brokenness, we have both the world and much of the church sending out the wrong message – that sex, marriage and family are the ultimate human experience, when they aren’t. Oneness with God is the ultimate human experience. As we elevate certain human experiences, we elevate the horror of their perversion. Sexual sins become worse than gossip or materialism. Paul seeks for the church to be balanced – to see that the ultimate human experience is to be one with God; to see that all sins are equal yet uniquely damaging; and to see that Jesus came to save us from our sin and begin a restorative work that will be completed when He returns.

Clint calls on the church to treat all sin equally, to become a community of believers so Christ-like that any celibate person can find deep community, and to die-to-self out of love for all sinners. Clint calls on the Christian homosexual to be celibate and find intimacy with God, to find family in the church, and to look forward to the day when Christ returns and the losses of our heart and this world will be made right in Him.

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