We exist to train our children in the ministry of Jesus.

“We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the LORD, about his power and his mighty wonders.” PSALM 78:4 (NLT)

Our children will have a personal relationship with Jesus.
Every child will…. See their teachers live the faith; hear and be invited to receive the Gospel; Know that God’s Spirit lives in His kids; Know that following Jesus is a life of faith; Know that we are to become more like Jesus; Know that God’s will is good; Know that God is holy and gracious; and Know the love of God.

Our children will know they are loved by their church family.
Every child will… See their teachers love them; Know that they have a lot of adults in their corner; Know that the church is God’s family on Earth; Know that faith cannot grow without other Christians around them; Know that they are important members of our church; and Know that one day they will be our leaders.

Our children will be a generation that prays.
Every child will… See prayer at the beginning and end of every class; Be asked if we can pray for them; Know how to listen and talk to God; and Know how to pray for others.

Our children will express their love for God in worship.
Every child will… See their teachers grow in their love for God; Know that we give our lives to what we love; Know that our actions can strengthen or weaken our love for Jesus; Express their love for Jesus in joyful and sincere songs of praise; and Increase in generosity (forgiveness, time, money).

Our children will be students of God’s Word.
Every child will… See their teachers cherish the Bible; Know the place of the Bible; Know how to read the Bible; Have a basic understanding of the story of the Bible; Memorize key verses of the Bible; Be equipped to look to the Bible for life’s solutions; and Live out the Bible.

Our children will be led by the Spirit of God.
Every child will… See their teachers filled with the Spirit of God; Know that the Spirit of God has a ministry for them to do; Hear and obey the Spirit’s leading; Receive and give the fruits and gifts of the Spirit; Be bold witnesses and go wherever God sends them; Lay down their lives for the sake of the Gospel.