Spiritual health, like physical health, doesn’t come naturally or easily. Spiritual health is the foundation for health – health here will make it easier to be healthier in every other area of life.

Dissatisfaction of the present state, healthy motives, a good plan, a Heavenly reward, and accountability are all needed.

Where is the Spirit and Word of God leading you this fall? Who is going to help you get there?

Here are three essential ingredients every Christian should have in their spiritual pantry:

Set a time each day to engage God in His Word – to pray and ponder the things of the Word and Spirit. I know this sounds crazy to people living in 2016, but I find 45-75 minutes in the morning to be essential. Like the physical realm – do you want the 15 minute McGriddle body or the 75 minute kale juicer body? Make it a priority. You’ll notice a difference immediately.

Set a weekly time to meet with another believer to discuss all that God is speaking to you. This could be through a formal Life Group or Study Group at Parkside. Visit www.parksidechurch.ca/groups for more information. It could also be coffee with a loving (honest, gracious, truthful) friend. It’s so hard to drag your family out once a week to a Life Group or even fight for weekly time with a loving friend, but like date nights, make it a priority. The impact will pay off in the long run. You’ll notice a difference in the highs and lows of life.

Get to church each Sunday and keep the Sabbath (all day)! Sundays stoke the fire in your soul. Journey with people you like and dislike. Praise the One who forgave you. Learn and keep the truth of God’s Word. Pray and receive prayer. Give your first and best to God in the offering. Allow the Spirit of God to minister to you and through you to others. Remember and receive the grace of Jesus for you and your church through communion. Have a nice lunch with friends or by yourself. Enjoy a Sunday afternoon walk, nap, book or family activity. Spend the evening talking to God or just falling in more in love with family and/or friends. KEEPING the Sabbath has a dramatic and noticeable effect on the quality of your week.

Keep at these three this Fall and you’ll have more joy in your life because you’ll have more of Jesus in your life. You will be more like Him. Your relationships, body, finances, mind, and work will be on a good trajectory.

Comment below if you have a question or idea. I’m praying for everyone that reads this will be inspired by God’s Spirit and design to get out there and get healthy!