Date: May 12, 2019 Text: Luke 17:11-19 (ESV) Speaker: Clint Nelson The call to caregiving is easy to dismiss and easy to take for granted. The account of Jesus and the ten lepers models some of the realities of being a caregiver in this world and can encourage the caregivers among us.

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Christian parents struggle with Halloween. It's a day where our city celebrates (plays with) evil and death. It proves the blindness and naivety that much of our world has to the reality of Satan/evil (as well as the good side of the spiritual). Like Christmas, it's history and contemporary practice is a melting pot of morphed beliefs and practices. Each person has a unique (tailored or naive) perspective on it and its various traditions. And like Christmas, it can be used for good or bad. (Christmas can be wonderful if you forget about the people that suffered to make your Walmart toy, the impact that toy will have on the planet, the materialism and entitlement we teach our children in that season, and the debt that we incurred from buying it). Don't worry, I still think Christmas is [...]

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Christians & SOGI

[Background: SOGI stands for Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity. It is the name for recently approved resource for BC teachers (public and private). You can read all about it at]. Every Christian should be deeply troubled by the health of the church and our society. Troubled but not frantic. This a response to Christians that, like Chicken Little, believe the sky is falling due to SOGI. First, the sky isn't falling and it is falling. Christians that believe the Bible, know that the sky is never really falling (in a chaotic sense) because Jesus is at the helm and He is working an eternal plan that is good. And yet, Christians that believe the Bible, know that the sky will fall (is falling) and that in those days (the here and now) Christians will get caught in [...]

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Here are some parenting hacks I've found helpful and in an effort to "raise all boats" I pass them on to you. They aren't for everyone, but they help me. I do better as a parent (emotionally and practically) when my life is organized and things are written down. Having a schedule or list relieves stress and keeps life going at a sustainable pace. I get that for others, schedules and lists only adds stress. So this is only for people, like me, that thrive in formal organization. Plan Spontaneity I've written about this before in my old blog spot, but it bears repeating and I'm still learning how to do this well. Be liberal when it comes to estimating the time a task takes. Schedule your life with margins. I used to have my life scheduled in [...]

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