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Clint serves Parkside as our Lead Pastor. He has two kids and a big dog. He's a graduate of Pacific Life Bible College in Surrey, BC. His wife, Angela, passed on to Heaven in 2013 and she is dearly missed.


Date: March 3, 2019 Text: Daniel 6:1-28 Speaker: Clint Nelson Daniel reminds that a life faith means we don't play by the games and rules of this world. The way we live becomes a witness to the greatness and goodness of our God and sometimes an irritation those that want us to worship their gods instead.

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Date: January 13, 2019 Text: Daniel 1 Speaker: Clint Nelson Like Daniel, we find ourselves living in a world that serves other gods and demands we serve those same gods. Daniel provides inspiration and insight to a way forward - faithfulness is possible in Babylon! Watch the Daniel intro video first (see below):

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Date: January 6, 2019 Text: Hebrews 12:1-2 Speaker: Clint Nelson We were created for and called to a purpose bigger than ourselves. Our engagement in the church is the way to accomplish our purpose. Listen to hear what our purpose looks like and our next step towards getting there. Additionally, there is a condensed PDF version of Sunday's message.

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