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Clint serves Parkside as our Lead Pastor. He has two kids and a big dog. He's a graduate of Pacific Life Bible College in Surrey, BC. His wife, Angela, passed on to Heaven in 2013 and she is dearly missed.


Date: July 21, 2019 Text: Deuteronomy 6:4-7 Speaker: Clint Nelson The way forward – the way of life – for any human is to love God with all that we are and have. So often we try to add God on after other things or ones and then we wonder why still don’t have a peace or strength or satisfaction within. Listen and apply to be renewed.

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It's a win-win! The ECG program hires those who have been and/or are currently homeless to build skills and contribute to the community. ECG's serve as a community ambassador to our homeless three hours a week doing things like, reporting suspected break-ins, picking-up needles, directing folks to resources, administering first-aid, and more. We're grateful to partner with other churches and local businesses in funding the Engaged Community Guide program so it can continue in Mission in 2019! This is a tangible example of our vision! We are working towards building a good world and the $1,000 given to this program came from two of our Storehouse funds (1st Stage Local Outreach & 2nd Stage Local Outreach). Thank you! If you'd like to know more about the ECG program and/or donate directly to Mission Community Services, please visit their [...]

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Date: June 23, 2019 Text: 1 Timothy 2:8-10 Speaker: Clint Nelson We don’t like it when God touches a part of our life that we don’t want to surrender. We tend to run to the truths that we like and tip toe around the ones we don't. There were lots of areas in a church in Ephesus that God wanted to touch – right down to moments of anger and the clothes they wore. The same inconvenient truths face us. How will we respond?

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Purpose: to partner with God in discipling emerging church leaders through development of character, knowledge and skill. Schedule: Weekly Bible College Class (TBD): Example: Wednesday’s 6-9pm Weekly Abide & Character Lessons: Example:  Friday’s at 7:00am Mentor Meeting: Subject to mentor’s availability. Devo’s, Exercise and Homework: On your own time/schedule Mentoring: Pre-approved mentor (i.e. pastor, Elder, mature Christian leader) of the same gender. Bible College Classes: Participate in a 12 week video lecture mixed with class discussion. Reading and homework assignments (3 hours/week extra) required for credit students. Credit students must comply with academic and student poli Fall 2019 Course: Survey of Christian Beliefs. Spring 2020 Course: Understanding the Bible. Parkside Leadership Classes: Before and after the 12 weeks of a Bible college class, interns will meet with Parkside pastors for orientation, debriefing, extra topics of study, and some [...]

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