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Clint serves Parkside as our Lead Pastor. He has two kids and a big dog. He's a graduate of Pacific Life Bible College in Surrey, BC. His wife, Angela, passed on to Heaven in 2013 and she is dearly missed.


Parkside Church (Mission, BC) is seeking a Bookkeeper to assist in the day-to-day accounting and finance requirements of our church family. This person will work closely with the Lead Pastor and/or Church Council Treasurer in maintaining and reporting financial information needed by the church council to make short and long-term decisions.  Our ideal candidate will possess the following skills sets and accounting experience: Post-Secondary education or training in bookkeeping or accounting field. 2+ years of bookkeeping experience, preferably using Sage Accounting (Simply Accounting) Maintain full set of accounting records to include banking, AR and AP, payroll, budgets, and financial reports. Knowledgeable and proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel and Sage Accounting Strong knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles Extensive experience with data entry, record keeping and computer operation Experience in bank services related to online PAD and payroll transfers [...]

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Date: April 29, 2018 Text: 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 Speaker: Clint Nelson Worshipping Jesus includes loving Him (giving Him) all that we are - including what we do with our body and gender right down to how we dress and style our hair. So if Jesus asks us to honour the opposite sex or cultural sensitivities, out of love for Him, it is our joy to do.

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Christians & SOGI

[Background: SOGI stands for Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity. It is the name for recently approved resource for BC teachers (public and private). You can read all about it at www.sogieducation.org.]. Every Christian should be deeply troubled by the health of the church and our society. Troubled but not frantic. This a response to Christians that, like Chicken Little, believe the sky is falling due to SOGI. First, the sky isn't falling and it is falling. Christians that believe the Bible, know that the sky is never really falling (in a chaotic sense) because Jesus is at the helm and He is working an eternal plan that is good. And yet, Christians that believe the Bible, know that the sky will fall (is falling) and that in those days (the here and now) Christians will get caught in [...]

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