About Clint Nelson

Clint serves Parkside as our Lead Pastor. He has two kids and a big dog. He's a graduate of Pacific Life Bible College in Surrey, BC. His wife, Angela, passed on to Heaven in 2013 and she is dearly missed.


SMALL GROUPS - We have small groups as a way to connect, draw closer, and build deeper more meaningful relationships. GIRLS - Dinner at Rhonda’s at 6:00pm Women will meet at Rhonda’s house to make dinner together and spend the evening eating and hanging out. RSVP to Rhonda (rhonda@parksidechurch.ca) and get her address. GUYS - Dinner at the Nathaniel's at 6:00pm Men will meet at Nathaniel's house for dinner. RSVP to Chris Kim and to get Nathaniel's address. Questions? Contact Chris Kim at chris@parksidechurch.ca or 604-302-5759.

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