Disclaimer: This is a working draft of Parkside’s approach and way to volunteering/leading at Parkside. Groups of Parksiders are meeting this year to more clearly organize and communicate “all things Parkside” (of which this is certainly an important part). All that to say, the following is subject to change!


  1. Because God served us.
  2. Because God asks us to serve.
  3. Because we were created to serve.
  4. Because we love to serve.
  5. Because others see the love of Jesus when we serve in His name.
  6. Because serving produces more love and life.
  7. Because we become who God made us to be through serving.

“And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’”  Matthew 25:40 (ESV)


Parkside volunteers are on a journey of grace and hard work towards falling more in love with God, who He loves, and what He loves.

Doing the work of the ministry is one of the main ways God’s love is experienced, strengthened and shared with others.

Every Christian is to be a volunteer (we serve freely, motivated by love, gratitude, faith and hope).

Every Christian is called to be a leader. See why below.

Our FIVE foundational approaches of being a leader:

  1. Every Christian is called to be a leader. Every Christ follower has a call to lead by example and lead those around them to Jesus.
  2. Leaders are servants of God, His Word, His Spirit, in prayer and of people (first to the family of God and then to the world). We are to serve others as Christ served us.
  3. Leaders work to replace themselves. A healthy leader elevates others and helps others achieve God’s call on their life. Christ called and trained disciples and then replaced His presence with them!
  4. Leaders are called and strengthened by the grace of God. Those called and capable of leadership recognize that it is by God’s grace and mercy, not merit. This dramatically impacts our ego and the way we treat others.
  5. Leaders carry a unique responsibility with a unique accountability. Leaders are called to influence others and therefore are held accountable for the way in which they are influencing others.


Every person has a unique call and skillset, but shares a universal invitation to become more like Christ (also known as character):

  • God’s call on our life is up to Him and for us to discover and obey.
  • Our skills are a mix of what He has given us and what we have achieved through our effort.
  • Our character is the product of whether we yield our will to His or ours – whether we love God more than self.

Every Parksider, determined by their call, character and competency (skill) is be eligible for an appropriate place of service. If our church is healthy, we will see more and more Parksiders grow in their call, character and competency.

To help Parksiders find their current place of service unto God and His church; and to help every Parksider see the next place of service God has for them, we’ve organized and articulated the following volunteer chart:

Download a PDF of this chart.



 Most positions have a unique way to apply (from simply signing your name up on a clipboard to a series of interviews) and unique requirements (from “Can you hold a broom” to Criminal Record Searches).

Some positions are advertised publicly while others are filled privately through the recruitment of a leader. If we haven’t been clear on a position you’re interested in, please ask (start by contacting the office)!

It is our goal to have a minimum of one meeting a year between the volunteer and supervisor where encouragement, prayer, correction (of both the volunteer and supervisor), celebration and future direction can take place.

It is also our goal to create a job description (a work in progress) for every position at Parkside that will help:

  • Recruit the right person for the position
  • Prepare, equip, encourage, and honor the volunteer
  • Increase communication, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Serve as a guide for prerequisites, training and evaluation
  • Produce greater integrity, excellence and credibility
  • Lengthen the longevity and joy of volunteers and supervisors
  • Hold volunteers and supervisors more accountable
  • Bring more people closer to Jesus and greater glory to God

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact the office and they will forward you to the appropriate person. At a surface glance this can all seem rather impersonal, but we strive to do things relationally.

“We don’t use people to get the job done, we use the job to get people done.” – Dr. Daniel A. Brown