Grades 4-7. This is not your typical preteen program.

You are going to want to skim read this, but if you do you’ll be frustrated when your ideas/agenda/expectations don’t match what this program is about.

We have a desire to come help parents raise future adults that know and love God with all their heart.

Because of this, we’re designing this new program to help parents grow as much (or maybe more) than their preteens. The way we’re doing that is by helping parents and students order their week and life by putting God first. Some people don’t know this, but right up there with “do not murder” in the ten commandments is “keep the Sabbath”. God’s design for a healthy heart and life is evidenced and grown by putting our trust in Him (literally – this isn’t just lip service): giving Him the first day of the week; giving Him our first fruits (tithe); and giving Him our family (plugging our families into His family, the church). In short, to attend Pre-teen Part 2, it’s required to attend Pre-teen Part 1 (Sunday morning).

If you miss Sunday, you miss the following Monday.

We know that might sound harsh, but that’s how important Sunday is (for kids and adults). This pre-teen program isn’t primarily focused on out-reach (there is nothing wrong with programs that are – in fact, it’s awesome), this program is primarily focused on growing the focus and habits of our heart (both for parents and preteens). Outreach comes out of a changed heart. Outreach becomes credible and is resourced by changed habits.

So take a breath and think about this before you promise your preteen a semester of awesome Monday nights.

What will Monday nights look like?

  • Either a sport, skill/craft, games, campfire, or serving others will be the feature activity.
  • There will be prayer and a short devotional.
  • Each Monday will be in a different location.
  • It will start promptly at 6:30 p.m. and end promptly at 8:00 p.m. Please arrive and depart on time.
  • Every Monday will cost $2. We encourage your preteen to pay with their own money to develop ownership and teach stewardship.

How to Register:

  1. The Kids Check-in Desk will have a sign-up sheet. Write the name of your preteen and your email. (You are not allowed to sign-up others that aren’t there.)
  2. By Sunday evening, you’ll receive an email with instructions for Monday’s event (location, what to bring, etc.). Each Monday will be at a different location in town.
  3. Once a school-year, on the first Monday attended, the legal guardian will be required to complete a “Student Registration” form.

What are the rules?

  1. Respect your elders, others and yourself.
  2. Bring $2 and a water bottle to each event.
  3. Arrive and leave on time.
  4. If you want to bring a friend, bring them to church the day before.
  5. Observe the registration process.
  6. Failure to observe the rules will result in temporary or permanent suspension.
  7. The rules are enforced.

Who’s leading this?
Each week there will be various leaders and helpers depending on the nature of activity and size of group membership. All leaders and helpers are first screened by Parkside Church staff (known to Parkside, model Parkside values, clear criminal record search and recommended by others).

Program Coordinator: Pastor Clint Nelson (; 604-329-0803)
Program Registrar: Renee Pringle (; 604-308-6610)
Other Leaders & Helpers: TBC

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