The Bible was written over thousands of years, by different people, from different cultures, in different genres, so it’s not always easy to read, but when we put in the work you see the miracle of Scripture – it’s as though there is one author orchestrating the whole thing! It’s not just one prophet who had a vision and we’re all supposed to take their word for it, it’s multiple prophets and apostles over many generations that all share the same truth backed up by historical events, none more miraculous than the death and resurrection of Jesus!

But, wait! There’s more! When we put in the work of reading to understand and seeking a relationship with God, the Word becomes alive and active by God’s Spirit! The Word & Spirit illuminates your heart to see the beauty, wisdom and love of God. The Word demolishes lies and exposes foolishness replacing them with a rock solid worldview. The Word searches and measures one’s heart from which we see our selfishness, but then leads us to the forgiveness, direction and hope of the cross! The Word of God tells you where you are in the map of human history and creation and where you need to go to flourish and find eternal life!

The Word of God is your “true North”. Generations have built their lives and families on the Word of God and live with no regrets, but generation after generation testify to the goodness and mercy of God – to the wisdom and reliability of His Word.

We know of no greater or beneficial practice than daily seeking the Living God through His Word, the Bible.

Here are some Bible reading helps:

Are you old school and would like a book to read on how to read the Bible?