We have a few guiding approaches to leadership: 1) Leaders are to be servants (of God, His Word, His Spirit, Prayer and People); 2) Leaders ought to work hard at replacing themselves; 3) Those called and capable of leadership recognize that it is by God’s grace and mercy, not merit; and 4) Every Christ follower has a call to lead by example and lead others to Jesus.

Pastoral Team

Our pastors carry out the day-to-day leadership and training ministry of our church (often charged with a specific area).

Clint Nelson
Clint NelsonLead Pastor
Clint has two kids, graduated from Pacific Life Bible College, and loves being a part of Parkside. His wife, Angela, passed away from cancer in 2013 to receive eternity with God. He likes to eat and run a chainsaw.
Tom Brooks
Tom BrooksAssociate Pastor
Tom and his wife Sharlene have three kids and five grandchildren. Tom runs a ministry for the national church and a counselling practice. When he’s not counselling you can find him at his cabin or riding his motorbike.
Renee Pringle
Renee PringleAssociate Pastor
Renee is married to Josh and they have two kids. Renee serves our church in two areas: Community Formation and Children’s Ministry.

Support Staff

Support staff are paid administrative and logistical personnel of Parkside.

Tony L.
Tony L.Custodian
Tony views his work as worship unto God and loves to be a part of what God does in and through our building.
Rhonda Berkhiem
Rhonda BerkhiemOffice Administrator
Rhonda is a former accountant and pastor. She brings a wealth of administrative and pastoral experience to our team.

Ministry Leaders

Our Ministry Leaders facilitate formal ministries organized and sponsored by the church.

Clint Nelson (Interim)
Clint Nelson (Interim)Prayer Ministry
Chris Kim
Chris KimYouth Ministry
Chris Kim directs our youth ministry, plays ultimate and loves being with people.
Diane Kim
Diane KimChildren's Ministry
Diane and her husband, Seyong, helped start our church. Diane directs our Children’s Ministry.
Clint Nelson (Interim)
Clint Nelson (Interim)Worship Ministry
Renee Pringle
Renee PringleWomen's Ministry
Renee is married to Josh, has two children and directs our Women’s Ministry.
Vaughan Williams
Vaughan WilliamsSeniors Ministry
Vaughan is married to Lavonne (ask them how they met – it has something to do with their names) and directs our Senior’s Ministry.


Elders are given responsibility to oversee the health of our church family. They are seasoned Christians who live by example, serve graciously, and are led by the Word and Spirit of God.

Tom & Sharlene Brooks
Tom & Sharlene BrooksElders
Tom & Sharlene have three children and five grandchildren.
Eugene & Catherine Dagneau
Eugene & Catherine DagneauElders
Eugene & Catherine have two children. Eugene leads a men’s group called “Carpenter’s Sons” and Catherine preaches regularly at Parkside.
Donna Krikau
Donna KrikauElders
Donna serves as an Elder at Parkside. Her husband, Zain, passed away in 2009.
Ron & Sharon Raible
Ron & Sharon RaibleElders
Ron and Sharon have three children and ten grandchildren.
Vaughan & Lavonne Williams
Vaughan & Lavonne WilliamsElders
Vaughan & Lavonne have three children and ten grandchildren. Vaughan also leads our seniors ministry.


Our council oversees the logistical administration (finances, human resources, legal, real estate, etc.) of Parkside Church.

Rhonda Berkhiem
Rhonda BerkhiemTreasurer
Rhonda serves as our council’s Treasurer.
Sheila Biggerstaff
Sheila BiggerstaffMember
Sheila is married to Steve and they have two children.
Jeremy Greene
Jeremy GreeneMember
Jeremy is married to Maureen and they have two children.
Clint Nelson
Clint NelsonChair
Clint serves as our council’s Chairman.
Greg Pankratz
Greg PankratzMember
Greg is married to Val, has four children and twelve grandchildren.
Chuck Watson
Chuck WatsonMember
Chuck is married to Yvonne and has two children.