Rev. 2:18-29 / Our feet follow our eyes. Our eyes look to go where it’s easiest on the feet. Yet when we follow Jesus, His path isn’t easy. The great lie of this life is that we can choose our own path and still end up where Jesus is going. Jesus reminds the church to look at Him and hold on to Him because He is the truth, the way and the life.

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Parkside's first ever Race for Amazing Charities contained so much good! 12 teams of 2-4 members entered the competition which took them all over town. From jelly belly tasting quizzes to kayaking across Hayward every contestant had a blast. Some threw up when it came time to drink 1L of Perrier. Some found new levels of frustration shooting marshmallow guns. Others simply got lost. The good news was that every team made it back to a delicious taco bar and we raised over $2,000 for the New Beginnings Women's Association (a ministry in Mexico that helps single moms get back on their feet). A bunch of hard working volunteers helped behind the scenes with set-up, hosting stations, and other details. A huge thank you to Maureen, Jessica, and Lynda for planning and organizing this event. Everyone had smiles and is [...]

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